Expertly Developed Premium Flavorings

Egnite Your Senses

Delicious, enjoyable, long-lasting and unique. This is how we would describe our 100+ concentrated food-grade flavors. We carefully craft our recipes and formulas to ensure we invigorate and egnite the senses of our customers, whether their preference is for fruits, desserts, drinks or any other flavor family across the taste spectrum. Our products are created using the finest European ingredients in an ISO 22000 certified facility which adheres to the strictest levels of international best practice in food safety. All ingredients are approved according to Codex Alimentarius for use in the manufacture of food products that are fit for human consumption.

Creating great flavors that are right for our customers is our number one priority. We welcome any kind of feedback, suggestion, question or even a friendly hello. We would love to hear from you - drop us a line anytime.